A frequently asked questions

What nationality is Jinnytty?

South Korean

Are Jinny and esfand together?

Due to the global health situation, Jinny moved in with fellow streamer Esfand’s Texas home in March 2020, and since then the pair have been producing hours of chaotic but thoroughly entertaining content for their fans.

However, on a February 5 stream, Jinny announced to her viewers that she would be leaving Texas to return to Korea.

How much does Jinnytty make on Twitch?

She once revealed that she had made around $325k just through Twitch donations through PayPal this means this number excludes the amount she has made from bits cheered. Sponsorships and ad revenue are also not included in this number.

Do jinnytty have OnlyFans Account?

No she don't have OnlyFans account

How many languages does Jinnytty speak?

Three languages : English, Korean and Chinese

What is jinnytty real name?

Twitch streamer Jinnytty real name is Yoo Yoonjin

What age is Jinnytty?

Twitch streamer Jinnytty 29 years (July 28, 1992)

Is Twitch streamer jinnytty have boyfriend ?

Yes, Twitch streamer Jinnytty is dating her boyfriend, Brad., Brad is always featured on the exciting vlogs of Jinnytty. The twitch star uploaded a video on YouTube in 2021 with the title, "My boyfriend saved me."

Why did Jinnytty get banned?

Recently in 2020, the popular twitch star, Jinnytty got banned from twitch for reckless driving. During her visit to Germany, the star drove a scooter and crossed the red light, which landed her in trouble. Moreover, she didn’t even have a driving license